With the ability to work in a various illustration styles, I may use anything from hand drawing techniques to tighter vectors to illustrate my subject. Depending on the look or style that is called for; drawing, painting, photomontage, Photoshop, Illustrator or 3D software are some of my illustration tools. Vector drawing with the pen tool and using gradient mesh in Illustrator can be used to create diverse digital styles from cartooning to photo realism.

My take my inspiration/ideation from prototypes, photographic images, sketches, and editorial work. I can take a 2D CAD line drawing and make it come alive with detail and dimension.

Aha Shazam!

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Digital Handgun dimensional vector illustration


Packaging Illustration and Branding for Landspring Mineral Water









Handgun Illustration Packaging Illustration and branding for Landspring Mineral Water


Vintage Kalamazoo Digital Wrap




Kalamazoo Vintage Wrap



Vintage Kalamazoo Digital Wrap on mugs-Handmade in my studio $10.00-$15.00 each.

Kalamazoo mug wrap1 Kalamazoo Mug wrap2



Stone Coasters with cork backs.

Handmade in my studio- $22.00-$30.00 (Set of 4).

Count Your Blessings Coasters-AD&CS Studio Tulip Coasters-AD&CS Studio





"Fly Paper"

Digital Art Promo





"Micaela Kingslight"

Digital Collage Promo

"Pseudo Pop Denim#1"





"Fly Paper"  Digital Art Promo  Photo/Illustration

Micaela Kingslight digital Portrait Painting 1



A division/brand of Arnsman Design & Cretive Solutions

Home Decor & Product Design

Soulfuldesign a division of Arnsman Design & Creative Solutions

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Tree Life Dance" Asian Inspired Pattern. Pillow and tea pot design with subtle figures dancing







"Tea time" Danish Modern Inspired tea pot design





"Tree Life Dance" Pillow Pattern Design

"Teatime" Danish Modern Inspired Teapot


Home Decor, Pillow and Napkin Designs



Pattern designs:

"Summer Picnic"

20" x 20" throw pillow and napkins in Two-tone Red Colorway


Pillows and Napkins are made by American Mojo





Summer Picnic Retro Red Pillow DesignPillow "Summer Picnic" Retro Red Paisley napkin design"Summer Picnic" Red Plaid Correlate Napkin design


"Summer Picnic"

13 x 21" lumbar pillow & 20" x 20" throw pillow

Black Four-Square Design






"Summer Picnic"

Purple Colorway Design



"Summer Picnic" Four Square Black Pillow Design "Summer Picnic" Purple Pillow/Napkin Design


"Garden Themed" Illustrations

We Garden Illustration by Connie J. Arnsman We Garden Mug

Zen Enso Circle Vesica Pisces-or "Perfectly imperfect Symbol on mug.





Tickle the earth with a hoe, it will laugh a harvest gardener's mug.

ZenEnsoMug tickletheearthmug


"Bee hive honey" Label Illustration





Celtic Notecard Vector Illustration

Beehive honey illustration Celtic note card  vector illustrationt



Poster Illustration Borroughs Record Master Classic Style



Borroughs "Big Picture" Graphic Illustration

Museum Catalog Illustration RecordMaster Classic Style Poster


Click to view Aisle-Saver ® Addendum Technical Illustrations,Synergy Series™ branding



Saver Synergy Addendum Touch Pad


Technical Illustration & Design

Borroughs Museum Storage Solutions Cabinet Illustration and Direct Mail Postcard



Pro SeriesTechnical Illustration

Click to View PDF- Pro Series Illustrations, branding and product photography





Cabinet illustration and Direct Mail Postcard Borroughs Museum Storage Pro-series Ilustration



Technical Parts Vector line drawings












Technical part vector line drawing  

"Lady's Slipper" Vector Illustration with gradient mesh







Editorial "Ghost Story" Illustration


Botanical Illustration

Freestyle Hand Pen & Ink plus Digitial




tropicana Pen & Ink Cartoon ration ca

Character Concepts Digital Vector Illustrations

concept illustration character concept illustration



"Gilmore Poster" Digital Photomontage







"Self Promo CD/DVD Cover" Fantasy Illustration








Digital Poster Illustration "Dance"








Fashion Illustration Etched Litho Plate Drawing




Pointiillist Styled Raster Illustrations





Digital Watercolor Illustration

"Venice Canal"

NY Foral Pointallism Illustration illustraion

"Imagine"Digital Illustration







"The Oggles"

Pencil Drawing




Pencil Drawing Illustration by Connie Arnsman