Connie ArnsmanCreating inspiring photography, dynamic design and versatile vectors!

Hi, I'm Connie Arnsman (CJ). I've been an artist all of my life. I have honed my skills professionally as a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and fine artist. I thrive on photography and visual creation. With every opportunity, I am inspired to create something fresh. While I can work within most budgetary needs, I do not set out to work with cash in mind. My monetary compensation is the reward for hard work and talented creation; from concept thru delivery along with the best service that I can provide. Each opportunity is a chance to greatness. That is my true reward.

Thank you for taking the time to review my online portfolio. The next step is you calling me about my creative calling. You may reach me by email or direct by phone at 269.598.3348.


To View My Resume (please call or email me for the passcode).

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